“I am writing a quick note to tell you how impressed I was with the gentlemen that put in my new windows. They were GREAT! They were friendly, helpful and clean. I asked them the day before they were to do my windows if I had to take all of the hardware (from my blinds) down and instead of just giving me a quick answer, they took the time to come into my apartment and look to see if it was absolutely necessary. It was. They also recommended that I take down any pictures right next to the windows so they wouldn’t get damaged, something I wasn’t thinking about at the time. The Friday morning that they came to do my windows, they showed up on time and promptly got to work and were gone by the time I got home. What impressed me the most was when I returned home, thinking I would have to put all of my blinds back up and clean up after them, I walked into my apartment and noticed that they not only cleaned up after themselves, but they also put all of my blinds back up. I was speechless! Never, in all of my years of renting (18 years) have I ever had anyone who has come in to work on something in my apartment actually CLEAN UP AFTER THEMSELVES. I also thought I would have to put up all of my blinds, but, to my surprise, it was already taken care of. I about fell over – HA!

Again, I’m still in awe of the fact that the gentlemen that did my windows went above and beyond without even being asked – that just doesn’t happen a lot these days. EVER! It was just wonderful! So please pass on a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that worked on my windows and know that you’re working with a GREAT company. You should definitely stick with them for future projects because that kind of customer service doesn’t happen every day and they were/are TERRIFIC!”

– Nadine Gallo